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Spertus graduate launches organization that heals horses and humans

Spertus graduate launches organization that heals horses and humans

When Spertus graduate 
Anna LvovaMSNM Class of 2012, brought her daughter to a Rancho Laguna, a small equine farm in Seattle, she had no idea that the simple field trip would have such a huge impact on her life and the lives of others.

Anna had always been passionate about contributing to her community, which is why she pursued a Master of Science in Nonprofit Management from Spertus Institute. After visiting Rancho Laguna and developing a deep friendship with the farm’s owner, Tina Laguna, she decided to put her recently acquired knowledge to work doing something truly unique — helping humans by helping horses.

Together, Tina and Anna created a nonprofit organization called Rancho Laguna’s HEART, which rescues and rehabilitates abused horses for use in therapy sessions with disabled children and adults. Today, Rancho Laguna’s HEART is a thriving equine farm with eight horses, two donkeys, and several other animals. Owing to Anna and Tina’s firm commitment to sustainable living, the ranch also houses an organic garden, where fresh fruits and vegetables are grown and provided for the community. New programs are being actively developed that encourage residents of the Pacific Northwest to engage in equine rehabilitation.

As part of their efforts to effect local change, the ranch offers a peaceful sanctuary where people can spend time getting reacquainted with nature, riding horses, or simply enjoying the beautiful scenery. Anna remains committed to the principles of nonprofit management she learned at Spertus, and with the help of Rancho Laguna’s HEART staff, she continues to motivate and inspire those around her to be change-leaders in their communities.

Monday, July 22, 2013