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Letter from the President — Fall 2014

Letter from the President — Fall 2014

A New Center for a New Year

As Jews all over the world prepare to welcome the year 5775, at Spertus Institute we are starting a new season with some of the most innovative programming in our 90-year history.

Dr. Hal M. LewisI am particularly proud to announce the opening of Spertus Institute’s new Center for Jewish Leadership (CJL). Rooted in our firm conviction that great Jewish communities need great Jewish leaders, the CJL will offer the volunteers and professionals who lead our Jewish organizations opportunities to grow their skills and hone their craft. Moreover, because Judaism has so much to teach on the subject, CJL programs will facilitate discussions about effective leaders and leadership in all arenas of our lives.

The CJL will inaugurate its 2014 offerings with a truly unprecedented opportunity. On Sunday, October 26, leaders from the business world and social sectors in Israel and the US will come together on the Spertus stage for a once-in-a-lifetime discussion on what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur and what organizations wishing to innovate need to know. This unique program is open to the entire community. Following the formal presentations, participants will have the chance to meet over lunch and in intimate workshop settings. 

In conjunction with CJL launch, Spertus will expand those of its offerings specifically designed to prepare lay and professional leaders to head 21st-century Jewish organizations. On that note, this fall we proudly begin the eleventh cohort of our esteemed MA in Jewish Professional Studies program, which has taught hundreds of individuals who now hold prominent positions in Jewish organizations across North America. And we are particularly excited that beginning in 2015, Spertus will open the first Israel-based cohort of this important program. Israeli students will study with Spertus faculty to enhance their own leadership in uniquely Jewish contexts.

Other CJL offerings include our respected Certificate in Jewish Leadership, jointly sponsored with Northwestern University, and a new series of Master Classes and Workshops on topics ranging from grantwriting to strategic planning. My hope is that in the very near future, whenever anyone thinks about Jewish leadership training and development, they will think first and foremost of Spertus Institute.

At Spertus we begin this New Year knowing that Jewish life today faces complex challenges. Because we cannot solve 21st-century Jewish problems with 20th-century organizations, our new programming will help contemporary Jewish agencies train and develop first-rate Jewish leaders — in both volunteer and professional positions — who are equipped to meet today’s demands.

As these new offerings take their place alongside our signature public and cultural programming, please accept my very best wishes for a sweet, healthy, and meaningful New Year. Shana tova.

Dr. Hal M. Lewis

Dr. Hal M. Lewis
President and CEO
Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Center for Jewish Leadership

Designed for professionals and volunteers who work for and with 
Jewish organizations, the Center 
for Jewish Leadership
opportunities to learn new skills, 
hone existing talents, and be 
equipped to harness the power 
of Jewish communities in the 
21st century. Offerings include:

  • Graduate and certificate programs
  • Master classes and workshops
  • Jewish Leaders on Leadership series
  • An annual leadership symposium
  • A community mentoring program
  • Micro-grants for innovation and collaboration