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Trustee Profile: Russell Shapiro

Trustee Profile: Russell Shapiro

Spertus Trustee Russell Shapiro
supports tomorrow's Jewish leaders

Spertus Trustee Russell Shapiro recently took the helm as Chair of the Spertus Board of Trustees FY14 Campaign. Spertus Development Director Nancy Glazer took the opportunity to learn why.

Russell Shapiro lives in Northbrook with his wife Lori and their three children. He joined the Spertus Board in 2010.

An attorney by profession, Russell is a partner at Levenfeld Pearlstein, LLC, where he practices as a corporate attorney and serves as a member of the firm’s Executive Committee.

Why do you choose to support Spertus?

I have always believed that raising my children with a strong sense of Jewish history, culture, values, and identity is important, and I view Spertus as an organization that advances these objectives through its commitment to Jewish leadership and education.

Tell me about your relationship to Spertus as a Trustee and Chair of the Spertus Board of Trustees FY14 Campaign.

I am committed to Spertus’ unique position as a Chicago Jewish institution that serves both the local community and the North American Jewish community at-large. I view my role as Chair of the Spertus Board of Trustees FY14 Campaign as an extension of that commitment, working to ensure a vibrant Jewish future.

I also find parallels between Spertus and Levenfeld Pearlstein. Both are committed to nurturing leaders who thrive professionally, but who also make meaningful contributions to their communities.

Why is it important to support Jewish education?

Jewish education is critical for the strength and continuation of the Jewish community. It builds connections to Jewish people, history, values, traditions, culture, and ideas. But in order to accomplish this, a community must have quality opportunities for Jewish education—and not just for children. Jewish education is relevant and important for adults as they build careers and families, and as they face challenges and seek meaning throughout their lives. Spertus fulfills an important need in this capacity.

What makes Spertus special?

Through its educational and cultural programming, Spertus preserves the contributions of the Jewish people over our vast and fascinating history, while also fostering forward-looking Jewish creativity.

Through leadership training for those who work in Jewish organizations, Spertus multiplies the impact of the work of the organizations that serve and sustain our community.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Russell Shapiro
Russell Shaprio
Chair of the Spertus Board of Trustees