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Steven Resnicoff

Steven Resnicoff

Steven Resnicoff is professor of law and co-director of the Center for Jewish Law and Judaic Studies at DePaul University. He is an internationally-recognized scholar who has written and lectured extensively on a wide variety of subjects, including alternative dispute resolution, bankruptcy, commercial paper, legal ethics, and medical ethics. Drawing on his formal Talmudic training as well as law firm experience, Dr. Resnicoff analyzes these issues from both secular and religious perspectives, often exploring how these disparate systems interact.

As holder of DePaul’s prestigious Wicklander Chair for Professional Ethics in 2001, he focused on honesty and integrity in the legal profession and in legal education. His purely commercial law writings have also commanded attention. His proposal to amend the Bankruptcy Code, made in "Is it Morally Wrong to Depend on the Honesty of Your Partner or Spouse? Bankruptcy Dischargeability of Vicarious Debt," was explicitly endorsed by the American Bar Association’s ad hoc committee on partnerships in bankruptcy. His works also have been cited favorably by academics and courts.

Jewish Studies

JD, Yale University
Rabbinic Ordination, Beth Medrash Govoha
BA, Princeton University

Research Interests

Jewish Studies


Jewish Business Ethics
Jewish Legal Ethics
Jewish and American Law
Jewish Law in a Time of Terror