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U.S. Premiere! Finding Leah Tickotsky: A Discovery of Heritage in Poland

U.S. Premiere! Finding Leah Tickotsky: A Discovery of Heritage in Poland

Thursday, January 27, 2011 6:30 pm

In the summer of 2007, then 19-year-old Stanford University student Sarah Golabek-Goldman traveled to Poland to teach English in the village of Zakliczyn. While there, she visited towns where her family lived before World War II to search for Poles who remembered her relatives. In the village of Jasionowka, Sarah discovered the gravestone of her great-great-grandmother, Leah Tickotsky.

Two years later, Sarah returned to Poland to restore a Jewish cemetery and research Polish memory of the Holocaust. She interviewed Polish historians, clergy members, government officials, presidents of NGOs, professors, and pupils to understand the impact of family stories and communist propaganda on memory of the genocide.

In collaboration with TV Bialystok, Sarah produced Finding Leah Tickotsky, a documentary that explores Polish-Jewish relations and her own journey to discover her roots. The film provides a unique perspective on one of the most painful periods in history and serves as a reminder of the extraordinary contributions Jews made to Poland.

Sarah Golabek-Goldman is the recipient of a Davis Projects for Peace Fellowship and a grant from the Taube Foundation for Jewish Life & Culture. She joined us at Spertus for her film's U.S. Premiere.

Following the screening, Sarah Golabek-Goldman was joined by Dr. Elliot Lefkovitz, Spertus Professor of Jewish History and Holocaust Studies, for a discussion about today’s young people and the impact, importance, and memories of the Holocaust.

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