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Hershey Felder on the Creation of Maestro

Hershey Felder on the Creation of Maestro

The Art of Leonard Bernstein A Behind-the-Scenes Look

Thursday, September 2, 2010 7:00 pm

“Felder conjoins the worlds of high art and popular entertainment in a way that few others can even think of. Emotionally charged and glorious.”

In advance of performances at Ravinia, Hershey Felder came to Spertus with a rare “behind-the-scenes” look at the creation of his new theatrical work on Leonard Bernstein. He shared Bernstein the composer, conductor, educator, and activist, bringing alive this icon of Jewish and American musical history.

Hershey Felder’s goal is to engage and educate about music and musicians. Through his acclaimed ability to combine words and brilliant piano performances, he captures the essence of a musician’s story, sound, and soul. His performances speak equally to those with considerable or very little musical knowledge, as he brings audiences together with him on a journey of discovery.

Hershey Felder is a Steinway concert artist, actor, playwright, composer, and producer. He is renowned for combining the craft of acting and concert-level piano performance. His acclaimed play, George Gershwin Alone, has been performed throughout the world, including on Broadway and in London's West End. It was awarded the 2007 Ovation Awards for Best Musical and Best Actor. George Gershwin Alone was followed by two other works—Monsieur Chopin and Beethoven, As I Knew Him, comprising a trilogy called The Composer Sonata. In addition to his exploration of Leonard Bernstein, Mr. Felder’s current projects include a new musical, Nine Hours on Tenth: The Unknown Story of President Lincoln's Last Day. Mr. Felder has been a Scholar in Residence at Harvard University's Department of Music. He lives with his wife, Kim Campbell, the former Prime Minister of Canada, in Paris, France.


This program was made possible with support from the Weil Family Endowment