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Mark Akgulian
Director of Operations and Business Development
makgulian [at]

Scarlett Andes
Administrative Assistant for Academic Programming
sandes [at] 

Amie S. Barrish
Assistant Director for Recruitment
abarrish [at]

Dr. Dean Bell
President and CEO
dbell [at]

Kathy Bloch
Collections Manager
kbloch [at]

Victoria Blum
vblum [at]

Thomas Bonomo
Financial Consultant
tbonomo [at]

Rachel Brady
Venue SIX10 Sales Associate
rbrady [at]

Camille Brown
Assistant Director of Public Programs
cbrown [at]

Theo Constanoplis
Senior Accountant
tconstan [at]

Sheila Cronin
Manager of Events
scronin [at]

Dr. Keren Fraiman
Dean and Chief Academic Officer
kfraiman [at]

Rebecca Garrett
Director of Development
rgarrett [at]

Tom Gengler
Collections Assistant
tgengler [at]

Betsy Gomberg
Director of Marketing & Communications
bgomberg [at]


Brooke Herszage
Assistant Director for Mentoring and Programs
bherszage [at]

Barry Kafka
Web Developer
bkafka [at]

Elana G. Kahn
Associate Dean for Outreach
ekahn [at]

Lucia Kelley
Manager of Office Operations and HR Services,
Executive Assistant to the President and CEO 
lkelley [at]

Tracy Kostenbader
Senior Designer
tkostenbader [at]

Dr. Hal M. Lewis
hlewis [at] 

Doug Peterson
dpeterson [at]

Regina Rivers
Development Coordinator
rrivers [at]

Jessica Self
Venue SIX10 Sales Associate
jself [at]

Michael Sims
Desktop Support Specialist
msims [at]

Andreas Sosnowski
Building Engineer
asosnowski [at]

Phil Thompson
Facilities Manager
pthompson [at]

Jenny Velazquez
Operations Coordinator
jvelazquez [at]

Judith Wood
Finance Coordinator
jwood [at]