Alumni Community

At Spertus, graduation is the beginning of a new chapter in your Spertus journey. You become part of Spertus Institute’s impressive and impactful alumni community!

Learning at Spertus Institute doesn’t end when you leave the classroom. It is a lifelong pursuit — to grow, ask incisive and important questions, examine how we fit into the context of history, and then to persistently apply what we learn to create a stronger community and better world.

Spertus alumni strengthen and invigorate communities worldwide, by sharing skills, supporting growth, and lighting the way for others.

As a Spertus graduate, you join thousands of impressive alumni who came before you.

Your alumni community gives you contacts and connections in communities around the world.

Spertus alumni often maintain lifelong connections to Spertus Institute — and each other.

Spertus offers multiple ways to stay in touch with the Spertus learning community and keep your Spertus relationships strong.

Keep Learning

Enjoy Spertus programs, including continuing education and networking opportunities exclusive to alumni.

Engage With Other Alumni

Join and use the Spertus Students and Alumni Facebook group to pose questions, share opportunities and successes, maintain connections, and continue to learn and grow.

Take Advantage of Spertus Career Resources

Spertus provides professional resources and weekly job postings.

Pay it Forward

Consider a donation to support future Spertus students.

Share the Light of Your Learning

Support others’ learning and leadership. Advocate for professional development. Be a mentor and cheerleader when others need one.

Introduce Others to Spertus

Strengthen our communities by acquainting new people with the benefits of a Spertus education. Refer students and receive a special thank you gift! Or host a Spertus event in your community. Contact Amie Barrish to learn more.

Stay in Touch!

We want to hear from you. Please be in touch to share ideas, volunteer, or just stay connected.