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Bibliography: Comparisons Between American and Israeli Healthcare

Bibliography: Comparisons Between American and Israeli Healthcare

Articles Available Through the Asher Library:

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Judaism, Health and Healing

This bibliography is part of a larger subject guide on Judiasm, Health, and Healing, with resources recommended by experts in the fields of healthcare, law, and Judaism who came together for daylong conference on health-related topics that impact individuals, families, professionals in the Jewish community.

The conference took place on April 14, 2013. It was offered by Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and LeadershipDePaul University College of Law Center for Jewish Law & Judaic Studies, and University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine, in cooperation with the Jewish Healing Network of Chicago, the Center for Jewish Genetics, and Metro Chicago Hillel, with foundation support through The Charles & M.R. Shapiro Foundation.

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