Certificate in
Jewish Leadership

Are you ready to apply to the Certificate in Jewish Leadership, presented by Spertus Institute in partnership with Northwestern University? We would love to help you do so!

Please contact Amie Barrish, Assistant Director for Recruitment, at abarrish@spertus.edu with any questions about eligibility, requirements, or your application.

Admission requirements

Applicants are required to have:

  • A bachelor’s degree or the equivalent
  • 5 years of professional experience
  • The ability to do graduate-level academic work
  • A strong commitment to developing their professional potential

Step 1: Prepare Your Application Materials

Please have these three items ready to upload:

Your Resume

Professional resume with a summary of your employment experience.

Jewish Organization Professional or Volunteer Experience

List of roles and organizations.

Statement of Purpose

A short statement of purpose that tells why you want to participate in the program, how the program will help you fulfill your goals, and what you will bring to share with your fellow participants in the program. Maximum length: 600 words.

Step 2: Complete Your Application

Complete and submit the application linked below.

There is a $50 nonrefundable application fee. Pay by credit card within the form, or, if needed, by check sent under separate cover. The fee is waived if your application is submitted by the Preferred Admissions deadline.

Within the form, upload your resume, additional experience (as necessary), and statement of purpose.

Begin CJL Application

Step 3: Application Review and Interview

Applications will be reviewed and evaluated after each admissions deadline (Preferred and Final). Applicants will be informed if they are invited to schedule an online Admissions Interview with a member of our senior faculty.  Applicants will receive an admission decision by email, generally within 15 business days after the interview. Cohorts are limited to 20 participants.