Cohort Experience

MA in Jewish Professional Studies Cohort W at graduation, sharing their cohort pride.

Become part of a network-building cohort of creative professionals like you!

Spertus students frequently cite the cohort experience as unique and rewarding, with relationships that last long past their time in the classroom.  

What is a cohort?

Students in Spertus Institute’s MA in Jewish Professional Studies, Executive MA in Jewish Professional Studies, and Certificate programs advance through the program along with a group, or cohort, of other professionals.

Students gain valuable knowledge from their colleagues, broadening their perspectives as they draw on each other’s experiences and expertise.

Cohorts provide students with a team of supporters during the program, and often long after, as they grow professionally and contribute in new ways to their organizations and communities.

Devra Sadler headshot

I met other Jewish professionals who understand the work I do and share a passion for giving back to the Jewish community. 

Assistant Director
Hillel at Miami University, Cincinnati

Cohort-based learning builds networks (and friendships) that often last a lifetime 

A study from the Center for Creative Leadership examined cohort-based programs for the Jewish social sector. The study found that these programs provide advantages for students both during the program and well past the time of formal instruction.  

“Cohort-based programs provide a critical practice space for the types of skills needed for leadership,” the study said. “Programs that build relationships are critical to supporting [students’] well-being and success.” 

Julie Lookatch headshot

As much as we learned from the excellent professors, we also learned from each other. Each person’s perspective made the classes that much more compelling. 

Marketing Director
Harry & Rose Samson Family Jewish Community Center
Milwaukee, WI