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DBS Help page

DBS Help page

The DBS Torah CD ROM Library generally takes several minutes to load, so please be patient! You may see a blue screen while the loading is taking place.

Chrome is the recommended browser for DBS,
and we have found that using Chrome is necessary
for the DBS database to function correctly for PC users.


In DBS, you can SEARCH for a Hebrew word or phrase
or BROWSE a section of text.


  • Type a word or phrase into the search box(es) in the upper half of the screen. Screenshot>
  • You must choose the text you wish to search by clicking on the category of text. If you do not it will search everything.
  • Double click on the category title to open subcategories. Continue double clicking until you find the text or texts you need. Click the box. Screenshot>

You can stop at any point: main category, subcategory or an individual text. To search texts in different categories you must close each category first.

>> Open and close categories of text by clicking on the
      open and closed books inthe upper left corner. Screenshot>
>> A yellow dot will appear on the books when a text has been
      chosen. Screenshot>

  • Click Search.
  • Double click a phrase to open the text.
  • Follow the directions below to copy text from DBS into a document.


  • Double click on the category title to open subcategories. Continue double clicking until you find the text or texts you need. 
  • Follow the directions below to copy and paste the text.


Generally, the order the words are typed into the search boxes is irrelevant because the words will be searched both ways.

If you need to search words that only occur specifically in a particular order, use these tips:

  • Before Middle After this function enables the search to find your words even if there are additional letters before, after, or in the middle of it. All additional letters will be searched.
  • Grammar use this function to enable the Before Middle and After buttons to add grammatical letters alone.
  • Negate search a word where it is not accompanied by a certain other word.
  • Distance Apart indicate how many words apart you want your results to be found in relation to each other.


  • Highlight the text you want.
  • Copy the text.

>> On a PC: Ctrl-C or Right click to Copy selection to text
>> On a MAC: In the upper left side of the page, click Text. From the drop down list click Copy Selection.

  • A clipboard will appear that says: Click here to copy to local clipboard. Screenshot>
  • Or, in the upper right hand section of your screen you should see a small clipboard. Click on it. Screenshot>
  • If your selection is not already there, paste your text to the clipboard. Screenshot>

>> On a PC: Ctrl-V or Right click to Paste 
>> On a MAC:  command-V or apple-V

  • From the clipboard you can highlight, copy, then paste into your word processing program. You may need to change the direction of the text after you have pasted it. (Highlight the text and click the Alight Right button.)
  • To clear your selection to start a new search, click the button that says clear in the search box and in the text selection area. Then double click the text tection to close, just like you did to open the section. Continue to close subsections until you see all the sections again.


For detailed help please download the DBS instruction booklet.
For English instructions, start at the end of the document and scroll up.

Regular users, please note this change: You do not need to toggle to Hebrew characters on your keyboard but you do need to know the layout of the Hebrew keyboard.

Click here for a map of the Hebrew keyboard or to order keyboard stickers.


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