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Twisted Into Recognition

Twisted Into Recognition

Clichés of Jews and Others

September 26, 2008 to January 18, 2009

Twisted Into Recognition: Clichés of Jews and Others explored the ways images and objects that depict stereotypes are seen, perceived, and classified. Stereotypes and clichés are an integral part of our perception, shaping our image of ourselves and others as well as our sense of belonging to a distinct group or nation apart from others. Through their simplification, these characterizations may help us to overcome our fear of the unknown, but at the same time, serve as a breeding ground for racist ideologies.

Twisted Into Recognition was a multimedia exhibition that juxtaposed historical objects, items from material culture, and contemporary art and film to demonstrate the persistence of stereotypes (whether intentional or supposed) and how they have been subverted for commentary today. This exhibition was organized by the Jewish Museum Berlin and the Jewish Museum Vienna.