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Woof and Drash: Weaving the Jewish Experience

Woof and Drash: Weaving the Jewish Experience

August 25, 2013 to February 23, 2014

Berit EngenBerit Engen began weaving as a child in Norway, and now practices this ancient craft of entwining woof (horizontal threads) with warp (vertical threads) from her home in Oak Park, Illinois. She finds inspiration for her work in the richness and diversity of the Jewish experience: from the laws of the Torah to the songs of Leonard Cohen, from the chanting of ancient prayers to the satiric incisiveness of Yiddish curses, from the ethical wisdom of the Prophets to the contemporary commitment to repairing the world.

Her miniature tapestries are modern-day commentaries (in Hebrew, drash) on the engaging, joyous, and at times challenging aspects of Jewish living.

Spertus Institute of Jewish Learning and Leadership was pleased to present this debut exhibit of her work.

Exhibitions at Spertus Institute are supported, in part, by the Harry and Sadie Lasky Foundation.

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The pillars of salt and shadow, 9 x 6 inches 

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Woof and Drash