Our Faculty

Grounded in Jewish tradition, Spertus Institute treasures learning as intrinsic and sacred. Our roster of accomplished and highly qualified faculty work closely with our students and form the backbone of our educational work. Among them are internationally recognized experts in their fields, sought-after speakers, innovative thinkers, designers of game-changing initiatives, and authors of award-winning publications. Whether they have served on our faculty for decades or are new to our team, they are all dedicated to providing inspired instruction.

Headshot of Aaron Scott
Rabbi Dr. Scott Aaron
Headshot of Dean Bell
Dr. Dean P. Bell
Spertus Institute President & CEO
Headshot of Natalie Belsky
Dr. Natalie Belsky
Headshot of Rabbi Dr. Moshe Berger
Rabbi Dr. Moshe Berger
Headshot of Dr. Gail Berger Darlow
Dr. Gail Berger Darlow
Headshot of Dr. Lila Corwin Berman
Dr. Lila Corwin Berman
Headshot of Diana Bloom
Diana Bloom
Headshot of man with brown hair and glasses
Dr. Sam Brody
Headshot of Judah Cohen
Dr. Judah Cohen
Headshot of Alyssa Dickman
Alyssa Dickman
Headshot of Erik Dreff
Dr. Erik Dreff
Headshot of Dr. Miriam F. Elman
Dr. Miriam F. Elman
Headshot of Josh Feigelson
Rabbi Dr. Josh Feigelson
Headshot of Rachel Fish
Dr. Rachel Fish
Headshot of Dr. Keren Fraiman.
Dr. Keren E. Fraiman
Spertus Institute Dean & Chief Academic Officer
Headshot of Dr. Matthew Goldish
Dr. Matt Goldish
Fully body shot of David Gottlieb
Dr. David N. Gottlieb
Headshot of Naomi Greenspan
Naomi Greenspan
Headshot of Dr. Leonard Greenspoon
Dr. Leonard Greenspoon
Headshot of Dr. Rachel Havrelock
Dr. Rachel Havrelock
Headshot of Rabbi Bob Kaplan
Rabbi Bob Kaplan
Headshot of Brett Ashley Kaplan.
Dr. Brett Ashley Kaplan
Headshot of Nancy K. Kaufman
Nancy K. Kaufman
Headshot of Dr. Anne Knafl
Dr. Anne Knafl
Headshot of Dr. Ezra Kopelowitz
Dr. Ezra Kopelowitz
Headshot of Renee Kosiarek
Renee Kosiarek
Headshot of Judah Kurtz
Judah Kurtz
Headshot of Rabbi Dr. Vernon Kurtz
Rabbi Dr. Vernon Kurtz
Headshot of Dr. Hal M. Lewis
Dr. Hal M. Lewis
Headshot of Ann Luban
Ann Luban
Headshot of Linda Maizels
Dr. Linda Maizels
Headshot of Dr. Victor A. Mirelman
Dr. Victor A. Mirelman
Headshot of Dr. Tzvi Novick
Dr. Tzvi Novick
Headshot of Maharat Rori Picker Neiss
Maharat Rori Picker Neiss 
Headshot of Dr. Gary Porton
Dr. Gary Porton
Headshot of Dr. Shlomi Ravid
Dr. Shlomi Ravid
Headshot of Amy Schiffman
Amy Schiffman
Headshot of Dr. Devorah Schoenfeld
Rabbi Dr. Devorah Schoenfeld
Headshot of Dr. Joshua Shanes
Dr. Joshua Shanes
Headshot of Dr. Jane Shapiro
Dr. Jane Shapiro
Headshot of David Shyovitz
Dr. David Shyovitz
Headshot of Amy Simon
Dr. Amy Simon
Dr. Johannah Simon
Johannah Simon
Headshot of Kenneth Stern
Kenneth Stern
Headshot of Dr. Claire Sufrin
Dr. Claire Sufrin
Headshot of Stefan Teodosic
Stefan Teodosic
Headshot of Dr. Jennifer A. Thompson
Dr. Jennifer A. Thompson
Headshot of Dr. Sabine von Mering
Dr. Sabine von Mering
Headshot of Mordy Walfish
Mordy Walfish
Headshot of Dr. Dov Waxman
Dr. Dov Waxman
Headshot of Dr. Rob Weinberg
Dr. Rob Weinberg
Headshot of Dr. Dov Weiss
Dr. Dov Weiss
Headshot of Mark Weitzman
Mark Weitzman
Headshot of Dr. Beth S. Wenger
Dr. Beth S. Wenger
Headshot of Dr. Ori Werdiger
Dr. Ori Werdiger
Headshot of Caren Yanis
Caren Yanis
Headshot of Dr. Laura Yares
Dr. Laura Yares
Headshot of Dr. Sunny Yudkoff
Dr. Sunny Yudkoff