Jewish Studies Course Registration Details

Jewish Studies Course Registration Details

Course registration is for current Spertus Institute Jewish Studies students. Please review course details before completing your registration.

Before registering for courses, students must be admitted to one of Spertus Institute’s Jewish Studies graduate programs — or be accepted as non-degree student who meets prerequisite requirements and wishes to enroll in courses for credit.

Course Payment

Spertus Institute welcomes course registration from students with accounts in good standing. This means:

  • Student’s unpaid account balance is less than $2,500 (roughly two courses).
  • The most recent payments on past due balances are within the last six months.

Students who do not meet these criteria will need to pay down their balance prior to registering for any additional courses.

Course Costs

For MA in Jewish Studies (MAJS) Students
$400 per quarter-hour credit
($1200 per 3qh course)

For DS in Jewish Studies (DSJS) and Doctor of Hebrew Letters (DHL) Students
$475 per quarter-hour credit
($1425 per 3qh course)

A non-refundable $25 fee is charged on all course registrations forms.

Refund policies vary by course format. Please review the specific policy listed on your course registration form.

Courses auditing can be arranged on a select basis with approval from the Dean. Audited course tuition is $350 per 3qh course.

Registration Links

Independent Study registrants and Doctoral students (DHL and DSJS) should check with their advisor before registering.

Independent Study Course Registration 

Course confirmation will be acknowledged by email upon approval of your course registration(s).


  • For questions relating to Jewish Studies courses, including which course to register for next, please contact your advisor.
  • For questions relating to Jewish Studies registration, please contact Scarlett Andes at
  • For questions about payment, please contact Spertus Finance Coordinator Judith Wood at

Asynchronous Jewish Studies Courses

These asynchronous online courses are offered on an ongoing basis and can be started anytime after a student is admitted. Students work independently and are expected to complete each course within eight weeks.

Introductory Biblical Hebrew I, II, and III

Taught by Dr. Anne Knafl
Courses 1221, 1222, 1223 | 3 courses, 3 quarter-hour credits
MAJS Electives

This three-course sequence introduces students to Biblical Hebrew grammar, vocabulary, and syntax, as well as the scholarly Hebrew Bible, the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia. The focus is on introductory grammar, including common verb patterns, essential grammatical features, and basic vocabulary. Students will read passages from the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) as part of their coursework. Many students find it beneficial to take these courses early in their program.

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