Jewish Studies Winter 2024

Winter 2024 Courses

Dear Jewish Studies Students:

Students of Jewish thought and text have often turned to the wisdom of our tradition and the lessons of our history to find meaning in even the darkest times.

With that thought in mind, I invite you to study and learn together with us during your Winter Jewish Studies seminar.

About Winter 2024 Seminar Courses

These courses will be online in response to previously expressed student preferences for winter seminars. They will take place Sunday, January 14 to Thursday, January 18, 2024. Following seminar format, one class will meet each day in the morning, the other each day in the afternoon. You are welcome to select one or both classes, as your interests and schedules dictate.

For those who have not yet had the opportunity to study with Dr. Rachel Havelock or Dr. Claire Sufrin, you are in for a treat. Both are dynamic instructors known for their comprehensive knowledge and for leading especially lively discussions, even on Zoom!

A Note About Tuition

At Spertus Institute, we are known for the excellent learning experiences we provide for you, our students. This excellence permeates everything we offer, from our growing roster of outstanding faculty to the program flexibility required by adult learners.

Over the past several years, costs have increased sharply. Because of this, it is necessary for us to increase tuition. This will be the first tuition increase for our Jewish Studies students in more than a decade. We understand and appreciate the sacrifices you make to pursue your passion for Jewish learning, and we will continue to do all in our power to assist you in that pursuit.

For courses taken after January 1, 2024, Jewish Studies tuition will be:

  • Master of Arts in Jewish Studies
    $400 per quarter-hour credit hour ($1,200 per 3qh course)
  • Doctor of Science in Jewish Studies and Doctor of Hebrew Letters
    $475 per quarter-hour credit hour ($1425 per 3qh course)

You can beat the increase! For Winter 2024 courses, register by November 22 (Preferred Registration Deadline) and pay the 2023 cost. 

Thank you for your dedication to the pursuit of Jewish knowledge. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions. 


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David N. Gottlieb, PhD
Director of Jewish Studies
Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies
Spertus Institute for Learning and Leadership
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Jewish Studies Winter 2024 | Online Seminar Format | January 14-18, 2024

Uses of the Bible in Modern Jewish Life

Taught by Dr. Rachel Havrelock 
Course 4218 | 3 quarter-hour credits
Fulfills MAJS Core (Modern Jewish Experiences), DSJS Text, and DHL Text

Seminar Morning Course
9 AM-1 PM CT each day | Meets via Zoom

Democracy in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries brought new political and artistic interpretations of the bible. In America, the bible’s role in American Christianity is often at the forefront. In this course, we’ll explore what the bible has meant to American Jews. Are there distinctly Jewish-American interpretations? How does the Hebrew Bible figure in American arts and letters?

In Israel, biblical texts have received more scholarly attention, and in Israeli settings, prime ministers and poets alike have cited Scripture with moral authority. Are interpretations shared by Israeli and North American Jews?

Together, we will parse texts about biblical figures such as Isaac, Dinah, Moses, Joshua, Deborah, and David. Individual student work will focus on a particular character and his or her depiction in a chosen form of modern Jewish interpretation.

Great Jewish Thinkers

Taught by Dr. Claire Sufrin
Course 3361 | 3 quarter-hour credits
Fulfills MAJS Elective, DSJS Core (Jewish Thinking), and DHL Core (Jewish Thought)

Seminar Afternoon Course
2 PM-6 PM CT each day | Meets via Zoom

The twentieth century was a fruitful period for Jewish thought, from the German-Jewish thinkers Hermann Cohen, Franz Rosenzweig, and Martin Buber in the 1910s, 1920s, and1930s to Jewish-American thinkers Richard Rubenstein, Eliezer Berkovits, and Judith Plaskow in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s.

In this course, we will examine these and other thinkers as they wrestled with major issues of the day, including the rise of European nationalism, the Holocaust, the founding of the State of Israel, feminism, and more. We will investigate the sources that influenced them and the ways they influenced Judaism.

The preferred registration deadline for these courses is November 22. Those who register by November 22 will pay current tuition prices.

The final registration deadline is December 5, 2023. It will not be possible to register for these courses after December 5.


Jewish Studies Course Registration Details

Course registration is for current Spertus Institute Jewish Studies students. Please review course details before completing your registration.

Before registering for courses, students must be admitted to one of Spertus Institute’s Jewish Studies graduate programs — or be accepted as non-degree student who meets prerequisite requirements and wishes to enroll in courses for credit.


Course Payment

Spertus Institute welcomes course registration from students with accounts in good standing. This means:

  • Student’s unpaid account balance is less than $2,500 (roughly two courses).
  • The most recent payments on past due balances are within the last six months.

Students who do not meet these criteria will need to pay down their balance prior to registering for any additional courses.


Course Costs

For MA in Jewish Studies (MAJS) Students
$350 per quarter-hour credit ($1050 per 3qh course)
For courses starting after January 1, 2024: $400 per quarter-hour credit ($1200 per 3qh course).

For DS in Jewish Studies (DSJS) and Doctor of Hebrew Letters (DHL) Students
$400 per quarter-hour credit ($1200 per 3qh course)
For courses starting after January 1, 2024: $475 per quarter-hour credit ($1425 per 3qh credit)

A non-refundable $25 fee is charged on all course registrations forms.

Refund policies vary by course format. Please review the specific policy listed on your course registration form.

Courses auditing can be arranged on a select basis with approval from the Dean. Audited course tuition is $350 per 3qh course.



  • For questions relating to Jewish Studies courses, including which course to register for next, please contact your advisor.
  • For questions relating to Jewish Studies registration, please contact Scarlett Andes at

Image above: Martin Buber from Andy Warhol’s Ten Portraits of Jews of the Twentieth Century, Spertus Institute Collection. ©The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / Courtesy Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, New York.