MA in Jewish
Professional Studies

Are you ready to apply to be a part of next cohort of Spertus Institute’s MA in Jewish Professional Studies? We would love to help you do so!

Please contact Amie Barrish, Assistant Director for Recruitment, at with any questions about eligibility, requirements, or your application.

Step 1: Prepare Your Application Materials

Please have these four items ready to upload:

Your Resume

Professional resume with a summary of your employment experience.

Additional Professional or Volunteer Experience

A short statement describing applicable professional or volunteer experience not included on your resume as necessary.

Personal Bio

Your short (400-word max) autobiographical statement. Include information about your educational background, work experience, and personal and professional goals.

Admissions Essay

Identify one challenging issue in contemporary Jewish life and offer reflections on how you would address it. The essay must be clear, concise, organized, and well-written. 600-word max.


Supply contact information for one reference, preferably a current or former supervisor, qualified to evaluate your potential in this program. You will add this information into the application and then send the individual a link via email to upload their letter of recommendation.

Step 2: Order Your Transcripts

Proof of your baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university is a requirement. Request official transcripts from all colleges and universities you have attended, including those where no credit was received. Have official transcripts emailed or mailed directly from the institution to:

Amie Barrish
Assistant Director for Recruitment


Spertus Institute Admissions
610 S. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60605-1901

Step 3: Review Fellowship or Scholarship Application

Review the eligibility requirements for the Midcareer Fellowship Application and Spertus Scholarship Application. You will complete ONE of these two applications as a required portion of your program application. Review eligibility requirements >

Step 4: Complete Your Application

Complete and submit the application below.

There is a $50 nonrefundable application fee. Pay by credit card within the form, or, if needed, by check sent under separate cover. The fee is waived if your application is submitted by the Preferred Admissions deadline.

Within the form, upload your resume, statement of additional experience (as necessary), bio, and admissions essay.

Begin Application

Step 5: Interview and Letter of Acceptance


Upon review of the application, qualified candidates will be contacted to set up
an interview with a member or members of the admissions committee.

Letter of Acceptance

Upon acceptance, applicant will receive an official letter stating acceptance (or outlining any conditions of acceptance) with details about program schedule. Applicants can expect to be notified within approximately two weeks.