Mission & Values

Students from Spertus Institute’s Jewish Studies and Jewish Professional Studies graduate programs, June 2023 seminar.

Jewish Learning for a Better World 

At Spertus Institute, our work sits at the intersection of higher education and community. We offer learning that sparks insight, engagement, and impact.

Three people stand in front of a wall with the Spertus logo printed on it. The woman in the center wears a black graduation cap and gown and holds an orange sign that says, "Learned to lead." The man on the left is smiling and wearing a black suit and glasses. The woman on the right wears an orange dress with flowers on it and holds a small black sign that says, "Way to go!"
8 adults stand in a line smiling against an opaque glass wall.
Two women sit smiling holding a dark grey plaque that says "Spertus." The woman on the left has brown curly hair to her shoulders, cat-eye eyeglasses, and wears a black jacket and black pants. The woman on the right has short grey hair and wears a green sweater, a long beaded necklace, and dark grey pants.

What We Do & Why We Do It 

As an institution of higher Jewish education, we believe that the wisdom in Jewish history, thought, and texts has meaning today, not only as an academic pursuit, but as a catalyst for action. The learning we offer is rich, dynamic, and deeply relevant to our lives today — and to building a stronger, more compassionate, more vibrant future.  

Proudly based in Chicago, we serve students and their communities around the world.

Spertus Mission 

Spertus Institute is a center for Jewish learning and leadership that invites people from all backgrounds to explore the multifaceted Jewish experience. Spertus Institute inspires learning, serves diverse communities, and fosters understanding for Jews and people of all faiths. 

Our Values

Applied Jewish Learning

Our programs provide students not only with knowledge of Jewish texts, ethics, history, and culture, but also a pathway and resources to apply their knowledge in their workplaces and communities — within and beyond the Jewish world.

Growth and Innovation

Like our students, we believe in innovation, learning, and growth. We embrace a spirit of experimentation and evaluation in our work. We consistently research new educational directions, seek effective new methods and applications, and learn from industry leaders to understand the needs of today’s adult students and anticipate the needs of tomorrow.

Diversity and Inclusion

We engage all who are eager to learn, no matter their religious or cultural background. Spertus Institute is committed to providing a learning environment that is welcoming to students of all religions, races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, ages, classes, and ability statuses.

Not Bound by Geography

We are extremely proud of our foundational work in Chicago and excited by our increasing global reach. Learning is not limited by geographic boundaries and our work has impact around the world.

Not One Kind of Judaism

We teach Judaism and Jewish culture in ways that are accessible and exciting to all of our students. Because there isn’t one single way to look, think, or act Jewishly, Spertus unites Jews from many different communities and lived experiences to learn from one another and explore the diverse Jewish experience.