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Learning in the Time of Coronavirus: A Message from Sherry Knazan

Learning in the Time of Coronavirus: A Message from Sherry Knazan

Learning in the Time of Coronavirus

A message from Doctor of Science in Jewish Studies student (and MA in Jewish Studies alumna) Sherry Knazan 

"I began taking classes in Spertus Institute's MA Jewish Studies program almost twenty years ago because I had received a summer stipend from a program I was involved in, and the requirement was that it had to be used for some educational endeavor. That decision changed my life.

Since then, my yearly schedule revolves around when the Spertus seminars are offered. I have met so many people in the classes, and many remain cherished colleagues and friends to this day. I have had the opportunity to learn from committed and exceptional professors who have stretched my brain and taught me new ways of thinking.

After receiving my MAJS in 2008, it took a few years of auditing classes to make the huge decision to enroll in the Doctor of Science in Jewish Studies program. As I make my way through the required courses, I use the valuable materials and connections in my own teaching.

One of the best things about Spertus is the Asher Library and the wonderful librarians. I spend most of my time in the library when I am not in class. I even have a favorite place to sit. Whether onsite, or connecting by email or phone, and no matter how obscure the request, Kathy (Kathy Bloch) or Gail (Gail Goldberg), the librarians, always find exactly what I need for a paper or for my own research. They and the library are treasures!

Knowing how enriching the in-person seminars, classes, and connections have been, it was hard to imagine how the required shift to online learning would measure up. Yet the experience was exceptional. Dr. Gottlieb, our fabulous professor, set the tone of the class and kept us moving.

While I hope that in the near future we will come back to Chicago for seminars, this experience was a resounding success.”

Wednesday, August 26, 2020