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Edward Breuer

Edward Breuer

Edward Breuer is a native of Montreal who has taught at McMaster University, the University of Pennsylvania, Loyola University Chicago, the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, and Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Widely published in modern Jewish thought, he is the author of The Limits of Enlightenment and articles in journals such as Harvard Theological Review, Modern Judaism, Zion, and Jewish History. He is working on an important translation, Moses Mendelssohn on Judaism: The Hebrew Writings.

Jewish Studies

PhD, Harvard University

Research Interests

Jewish Enlightenment and the writings of Moses Mendelssohn


Foundations of Modern Judaism
Judaism and Modernity: The Eastern European Experience
Haskalah and Wissenschaft
Medieval Judaism
Medieval Exegesis
Jewish Literature in the Middle Ages
Philosophy, Religious Experience, and Poetry: The Writings of Judah ha-Levi