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Inaugural Alumni Forum

Inaugural Alumni Forum

Thursday, September 14, 2017 - 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm

This was first in a series of programs presented by Spertus alumni, in which they present the results of their research. It was open to alumni, students, and the public.

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Jewish Psychology: Pathways to New Possibilities
in Your Life’s Journey

Judaism is deeply concerned with human well-being, at both the individual and communal levels. Likewise, the emerging field of Jewish Psychology reflects a Jewish understanding of the complexities inherent in navigating one’s personal, professional, and communal life. Jewish Psychology is especially enlightening as we approach the High Holiday season, a time to reflect on our actions and life’s path.

In this talk, Spertus Alumna Dr. Maya Avinadav invited participants to engage with a range of approaches to achieve a deeper understanding of life’s challenges and struggles, in order to lead a more balanced, meaningful, and fulfilling life.

Dr. Maya AvinadavDr. Maya Avinadav is the founder and director of Inspired Jewish Learning. She earned her Doctorate in Jewish Studies from Spertus Institute and her MA in School Counseling from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Fluent in Hebrew, Dr. Avinadav delves into both academic and spiritual aspects of Jewish texts, drawing on 25 years of teaching and counseling experience to offer spiritual and intellectual exploration of Jewish wisdom.

At Spertus, we believe in the value of Jewish thought, history, and experiences for contemporary society. Our programs blend quality Jewish education with practical, real-world application. Our Alumni Forum series features Spertus graduates whose work provides insights for personal and professional growth.