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Resources in Adult Jewish Learning

Resources in Adult Jewish Learning

Adult Jewish Learning Resources

Online Resources

The Lookstein Center for Jewish Education: Adult Education Resources
The Lookstein Center for Jewish Education of the School of Education at Bar-Ilan University was established to promote Jewish education in the Diaspora. It focuses on leadership programs, teacher and curriculum development, as well as interactive communication and networking for Jewish educators worldwide.

The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning
With its international headquarters at the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School Institute of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a national office for North America in Northbrook, IL, the Melton School forms an international network of community-based schools offering adults the opportunity to acquire Jewish literacy in an open, trans-denominational, intellectually stimulating learning environment.

The Wexner Foundation
The Wexner Foundation focuses on the development of Jewish professional and volunteer leaders in North America, and public leaders in Israel. The Wexner Heritage Program is a two-year Jewish study experience with an additional focus on leadership.

Jewish Educators Assembly
Forum for the exchange of ideas, programs, and materials conducts professional development seminars, workshops, and activities to establish and maintaining high professional standards; recruits qualified individuals for Conservative Jewish educational positions; and enhances the development of Jewish education in congregations, day schools, community organizations, and national agencies.



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