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Holocaust Subject Guide

Holocaust Subject Guide

Learn more about the Holocaust by exploring these suggested resources:

Books Available in the Asher Library

Periodicals Available in the Asher Library

Holocaust and Genocide Studies
     *Full Text:06/02/2002 to present (with a 12 Month delay) through     
      Jewish Studies Source availble through EBSCOhost
Holocaust Studies
Jerusalem Yad Vashem Magazine
Martyrdom and Resistance (newspaper)
Yad Vashem Studies

Spertus Digital Resources

  • Read a brief essay on the Holocaust by Dr. Elliot Lefkovitz, Professor of Jewish History and Holocaust Studies at Spertus.
  • The Inextinguishable Symphony — Hear audio from a Spertus lecture by commentator and author Martin Goldsmith held on April 11, 2010. It brings to light the Jüdischer Kulturbund, an extraordinary collection of Jewish artists who performed for Jewish audiences in Germany between 1933 and 1941.

Online Resources