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Jewish Leadership

Jewish Leadership

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Books Available in the Asher Library

Articles Available Through the Asher Library

  • Blumenthal, Fred . "Samson and Samuel: Two Styles of Leadership". Jewish Bible Quarterly, 33,2 (2005) 108-112.*
  • Brown, Erica S. "The Jewish Spirit of Leadership. Torah uMadda Journal, 13 (2005) 187-194.
  • Brown, Erica S. "Personal, Institutional, and Communal Leadership: Rethinking Leadership Development for the Jewish Community". Journal of Jewish Communal Service, 82,3 (2007). 234-243.*
  • Immerman, Hilton. "Modern Insights into Leadership from Classical Jewish Sources". Australian Journal of Jewish Studies, 21 (2007) 155-169.
  • Lewis, Hal M. "The Jewish Studies Professor as Communal Leader." Shofar, 24,3 (2006) 127-135.*
  • Lewis, Hal M. "A Jewish View on Leadership". Journal of Jewish Communal Service, 82,3 (2007) 244-251.*
  • Reisman, Bernard. "The Structure and Leadership Role of the North American Jewish Community. Journal of Jewish Communal Service, 74, 2-3 (1997-1998) 134-139.*
  • Weiner, Audrey S. "Women in Jewish Communal Leadership in the 21st Century. Journal of Jewish Communal Service, 71, 2-3 (1995) 124-131.*

 * These articles are available in full-text format to Spertus students
    and members through EBSCOhost.

Spertus Digital Resources

  • The Economic Downturn and the Future of the American Jewish Community — Hear audio from a Spertus lecture by Dr. Jonathan Sarna on a topic of critical importance for those involved in the work and support of the Jewish community. Dr. Sarna examined the economic downturn and its implications for the American Jewish community, especially in the area of Jewish education.

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