En busca de un liderazgo de excelencia

Podcast host Ale Abramovich interviews Spertus Institute Dean & Chief Academic Officer Dr. Keren E. Fraiman about her leadership journey, including how her multicultural background (coming from a Uruguayan family and living in Israel as a young person) led to her interest in political science and world conflicts.

Abramovich is a graduate of a the Kaplan Leadership Initiative’s Global Jewish Leadership Seminar, a JDC program presented in Chicago in partnership with Spertus Institute and the Jewish United Fund of Chicago. He continued his relationship with Spertus Institute as a participant in a program Spertus spearheaded with the Leon Avayu Fundacion and Círculo Israelita de Santiago. Spertus Institute faculty shared their expertise with Jewish educators from Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, and Uruguay, introducing them to new ways of thinking about crisis and resilience and providing educational tools for them to use in their own work.

This interview is part of enREDadosSegunda temporada, a series for those working in the Jewish professional world in Latin and South America.

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